death pepper spice
hot spice

Brandl’s Death Pepper was born from the love of gardening. After growing, drying, and mixing different peppers I eventually came up with a mix that provides the heat yet tastes great on so many different foods. After a few years selling the original formula,  dedicated chili heads began asking for something hotter so I came up with the new level 2 EXTREME. Both recipes continue to provide the heat but also maintain the flavor Brandl’s Death Pepper has been known for.

As you begin using Brandl’s Death Pepper, you will sprinkle a bit on everything from your eggs in the morning to all meats,  pasta, salads,  popcorn,  jerky recipe, pizza, etc. I also keep a shaker on hand when I’m out to eat because we all know that the sauce is never hot enough and  the wings are never spicy enough. Mix it in your ketchup the next time you’re out to a fast food restaurant and you’ll be amazed at the new flavor you’ve just discovered.

Bring out the chili head in you!

I appreciate your support of home grown USA small business.